Most of the radio programs are  addressing the issues of people with disabilities, focusing on the problems of people with visual impairments, as well as preparing programs through which those who are blind or have visual impairments will receive necessary advices. It will also try to inspire young people who have problems with integration, socialization and other insurmountable problems. The radio will also be useful for parents of the visually impaired, professionals working with them, social workers, educators and other specialists.


Every Tuesday, at 9:30 pm, you can follow Sipan Asatryan’s “You Can” program on Radio Menq.

This program is dedicated to people with disabilities (particularly blinds and visually impaired) who, despite their physical problems, have achieved great heights and achievements in the global and Armenian reality.

The program will present the lives and works of these people, their achievements, their difficult path and fame.

The author hopes that the perseverance and unwavering will of the characters presented will set an example for other people with physical problems on the way to achieving their goals and aspirations.

Each of our first encounters with good and evil begins with a fairy tale. Good wins because it is God-given.

Fairy tales educate us to love, appreciate beauty, fight for justice and sympathize.

The “Armenian Tales” program gives us the opportunity to listen to these wonderful tales.

You can watch Rudolf Zabrodin’s “Psychology in Life” program on Radio Menk every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m.

This program aims to spread psychological knowledge that will help people (visually impaired) to achieve new results, reach new heights, live a harmonious, “healthy” life.

Throughout his life, man is constantly in interaction with the reality of his inner and outer world.

Our thoughts, emotions, attitudes affect the quality of our lives, so modern life challenges a person to have the necessary psychological knowledge to be able to apply it in everyday life.

Every Thursday, at 9:30 pm, on Radio Menk you can watch the program “Towards Independence” co-produced by Sipan Asatryan and Vanuhi Stepanyan.

Most of the blind and visually impaired people living in our society today do not try to be independent, and as a result  they lose the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest, to work, to organize their lives, hindered by a number of internal and external problems as independently as possible.

The program “Towards Independence” is a series of professional discussions, which is aimed at discovering the difficult and intricate path to independence for the blind and visually impaired, to talk about the obstacles on the way, to try to show the light that opens after that difficult path, and make possible things that seemed impossible.

Every Friday, at 9:30 pm, watch Rudolf Zabrodin’s “My Universities” program on Radio Menk.

This program is dedicated to people with disabilities who are trying to get a profession, learn how to study in educational institutions. This program discusses the educational issues in the Armenian reality.

The peculiarity of the program is that our guests are students with disabilities who have graduated from any educational institution or are still studying. They talk about their experiences, what difficulties they encountered in the course of their learning, and how they overcame them.

Another peculiarity is that the issues of education and organization of education for people with disabilities are discussed with experts.

As part of the program, we support people with disabilities to choose a profession – to choose an educational institution, as well as to find a job in the future.

Sports-loving listeners can listen to Andranik Kocharyan’s most sporty program “Sport and We” every Monday at 9:30 p.m.

In the program, we will talk about everything related to Paralympic sports, sports for the disabled.

Coaches and athletes are invited to the program and share their personal experience in this field.

Listen to us on our radio, do sports and you will be healthy.

Classes are conducted by the USSR champion among visually impaired chess players, multiple champion of Armenia, the republics of the South Caucasus, chess theorist, trainer, teacher with a certificate from the RA Chess Academy of the Ministry of Education and Science.

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