Radio Menk, an initiative of a group of visually impaired young people, is a different reality! The opening of the Internet radio took place on May 30, at the UCS S. Shahnazaryan House of Culture for the Blind. It started with a festive program recorded for the opening day. Most radio programs will address the problems of people with disabilities, focusing on the problems of the visually impaired, as well as producing programs through which the visually impaired will receive the advice they need. It will also try to inspire young people who still have problems to integrate into society, socialize and other unresolved issues. The radio will be useful for the parents of the blind, professionals working with them, social workers, educators and others. As the director of the House of Culture Yuri Avetisyan mentioned, “Internet radio can unite gifted individuals, lead them to perfection.”

Internet radio was provided with a grant from the Internet Society of Armenia Chapter. Igor Mkrtumyan, President of the Internet Society Armenia Chapter, spoke at the event about the importance of helping the visually impaired. “I am just happy to be part of the launch of Internet Radio. We must never forget that there are many people living and working next to us who need our help. As Catholicos Garegin I said, the greatest sin of the people is the eighth deadly sin – indifference. Since 2011, our organization has adopted that policy, that is, to support the visually impaired. The opening of the Internet center, the computer room with its equipment, and then the opening of this radio are the proof of that. “These people are multi-talented. If we give them an opportunity, create conditions, maybe there will be such an outburst of thought and action that our country will be able to develop faster,” said Igor Mkrtumyan.

Writer and publicist ZoriBalayan spoke about his feelings. “I am always amazed when I come here. They do not see, but they have overcome many heights: they are chess champions, they are writers, singers, professors, athletes … I think we should come here very often. Let us come not only to be surprised, but also to rejoice. “I am just happy to have this opportunity to connect with the whole planet.”

Radio Menk team was the happiest today, because one of their dreams is already a reality. From now on, they will have the opportunity to talk about everything that will be possible for them and for the whole society.

“I want this radio to be a weapon to break the stereotypes in society. I want those who do not see who are still locked in their homes to be encouraged by our radio. They will be inspired by the example of both our older generation and our young people here. I hope we will all see the success of our radio in the future. I am glad that the young people with vision problems have come together and are working together, ”saidSipan Asatryan, a representative of the Radio’s creative team.

And Andranik Kocharyan on behalf of the whole team thanked the supporters of the program – Igor Mkrtumyan, Yuri Avetisyan, Armen Nazaryan – all the people who “supported” the implementation of these ideas.

After the official opening of the event, the red ribbon of the recording studio was cut, after which the creative team of Internet Radio Menk and their friends performed for hours with a beautiful concert program, song and dance, congratulating each other with glasses full of wine on this new initiative.

We wish the team strength and diligence. And let them be able to carry this task on their shoulders with pride, be able to face the challenges ahead.

Goodluck, Radio-Menq.



The main goal of Radio Menq is to provide accurate, regular information to people with visual impairments about various areas of public life, as well as to provide them with the most effective support for their integration process.

Today’s humanitarian attitude towards people with disabilities presupposes a system of psychological and social rehabilitation work at all ages. That is why today in all civilized countries a lot of work is being done to support the blind and make them full members of society.

Computer technology plays an important role in this process. One of them is Internet radio. It is also a means of disseminating information, like ordinary radio, but programs and music are broadcast over the Internet, anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. And that’s the advantage of this radio.

This Internet radio can significantly change the lives of the visually impaired, giving them new opportunities. It provides information on the latest developments in the social life of people with disabilities, provides a platform for communication with people with disabilities, issues and submits proposals to the authorities and NGOs, provides legal and psychological support, promotes high cultural values, supports people with disabilities the multifaceted development of individuals and education. It is a mediator in the exchange of experience between the blind, their parents, professionals, and social workers.

As Armenians are scattered all over the world, there are many blind people among those Armenians around the world, the role of Internet radio can be used to connect, collaborate, exchange ideas, and do other things.

The radio will produce both special programs for the visually impaired and awareness programs that will interest anyone.

It should be noted that thanks to this radio, there is an intention to provide a microphone to young people with visual impairments and then to other disabled people in Armenia to raise their concerns.