Tales in Armenian

Each of our first encounters with good and evil begins with a fairy tale. Good wins because it is God-given.

Fairy tales educate us to love, appreciate beauty, fight for justice and sympathize.

The “Armenian Tales” program gives us the opportunity to listen to these wonderful tales.


Brothers Grimm


Fairy tale “The Frog-King, or Iron Henry”

Fairy tale «The Three Brothers»

Fairy tale «Old Sultan»

Fairy tale «The Girl without Hands»

Fairy tale «Cinderella»

Fairy tale «The Three Snake Leaves»

Fairy tale «Hansel and Gretel»

Fairy tale «Doctor Know all»

Fairy tale «The Star Talers»

Fairy tale «The Seven Crows»

Fairy tale «Mother Hulda»

Fairy tale «The Amazing Musician»

The good bargain

Hans Christian Andersen


Fairy tale «The Silver Shilling»

Fairy tale «The Snail and the Rosebush»

Story “Ole Lukoie”

Story “The Flying Trunk”

Story “The Nightingale”

Story “Ugly Duckling”

Story “The Fir Tree”

Story “The Little Mermaid” part 2

Story “The Little Mermaid” part 1

Story “The Wild Swans”

Story “The Gardener and The Manor”

Story “Thumbelina”

Story “The Flint”

Story “The Top and Ball”