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Culture House of  Armenian Association of blinds
Internet Center for blinds and vision impaired people
of Armenioan Internet Society

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00:00-00:03 Օրհներգ Հայաստանի / Anthem of Armenia /

00:03-02:00 Lounge երաժեշտությում / Lounge music /

02:00-02:20 ՄԵՆՔ / MENQ / /

02:20-04:00 Lounge երաժշտություն / Lounge music /

04:00-04:20 ՄԵՆՔ / MENQ / ʔ/

04:20-05:00 Չտեսնող երաժիշտների կատարումներ / Performances of blind musicians  /

05:00-06:00 Ռետրո երաժշտություն / Retro music /

06:00-06:20 ՄԵՆՔ / MENQ / ʔ/

06:20-07:30 Հայկական ազգային երաժշտություն / Armenian National music /

07:30-08:00 Lounge երաժշտություն / Lounge music /

08:00-08:20 ՄԵՆՔ / MENQ / ʔ/

08:20-10:00 Փոփ երաժշտություն / Pop music / -

10:00-10:20 ՄԵՆՔ / MENQ / ʔ/

10:20-12:00 Հեղինակային երգեր / Armenian Bard Music /

12:00-12:20 ՄԵՆՔ / MENQ / ʔ/

12:20-14:00 Փոփ երաժշտություն / Pop music / -

14:00-14:20 ՄԵՆՔ / MENQ / ʔ/

14:20-16:00 Չտեսնող երաժիշտների կատարումներ / Performances of blind musicians /

16:00-16:20 ՄԵՆՔ / MENQ / ʔ/

16:20-18:00 Փոփ երաժշտություն / Pop music / -

18:00-18:20 ՄԵՆՔ / MENQ / ʔ/

18:20-20:00  Ռետրո երաժշտություն / Retro music /

20:00-20:20 ՄԵՆՔ / MENQ / ʔ/

20:20-22:00 Ջազ երաժշտություն /  Jazz music /

22:00-22:20 ՄԵՆՔ / MENQ / ʔ/

22:20-23:00 Հայկական ազգային երաժշտություն / Armenian National music /

23:00-00:00 Lounge երաժշտություն / Lounge music / /

The text in Armenia has been prepared by Sipan Asatryan
Translation into English: Ruzanna Stepanyan


 NB: Translation of an Armenian word Menq stands for We!

 Internet radio Menq -the initiative of a group of young people with vision impairments became a reality. The official opening of internet radio Menq took place on May 30, 2016, at the Culture House of Armenian Union of Blinds after S. Shahnazaryan. A special reportage/program was recorded for that very day.

 Most of the programs will be related to the issues of people with disabilities with particular attention to the problems of blinds. Also, a set of programs will provide counseling to those with vision impairments and blind. The radio Menq will strive to help and inspire young people that face problems with being socialized and integrated into the society. It will serve as a platform for parents of blinds, specialists, social workers, pedagogues and others. As noted by Yura Avetisyan, Director of Culture House: The internet radio is capable to connect and unite gifted people and guide them toward perfection and realization.

 Internet radio was established by means of a grant received by Internet Society of Armenia. Its President Igor Mkrtumyan mentioned in his speech how important is to be next to people with vision problems. I am happy to participate in this event. We should never forget that there are people around us that need our support. As told by Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin I the biggest and most deadly sin of human beings is the 8th one, i.e. indifference. Since 2011 our organization has adopted this policy to support people with vision impairments and blind. Establishment of an internet center, furbished computer hall and this internet center come to witness our policy. We appreciate how talented and gifted these people are! Most probably, being put in a conducive environment they will demonstrate their full capacity and notably contribute to development of our country Igor said.

 Zori Balayan, writer and social activist, talked about his feelings: I never cease wondering when come to this place. It is amazing. These people cannot see but have taken so many milestones! They are chess champions, writers, singers, professors, sportsmen... I think we should come here more frequently. We should come for not only admiring with these people but also to feel happy. I myself am happy at this very moment for you have got one more route for connecting with others and this connection goes worldwide!

 To mention, the news about opening ceremony was broadcasted by Armenia and Shant TV channels, as well as by Noyyan Tapan (Noas Arch) information agency.  

 The team of radio Menq was the happiest today. One of their dreams has come true. Since now they have got a chance to talk about topics that matter both for them and for the entire society. I wish the radio became a strong tool for breaking wrong stereotypes in society. Also, I want that those blind people that hold themselves locked in their houses get inspired and cheered by our radio, by achievement of our senior representatives and youngsters like us. I am hopeful that all of us will witness successes of internet radio soon. I am glad, that young people who have vision impairments have got together around common goal, mentioned Sipan Asatryan, editor in chief of the radio MENQ.

 On behalf of the entire team, Andranik Kocharyan expressed gratitude to Igor Mkrtumyan, Yura Avetisyan, Armen Nazaryan and to all those standing for realization of the concept of internet radio for people with vision impairments and blinds.

 The event culminated into cutting the red ribbon on the entrance of recording studio followed by an hours-long song-and-dance concert by the team of radio Menq and their friends. All participants raised toasts and congratulated each other with another milestone taken.

 May the team be energetic and strong. May successfully bear their responsibility and withstand all potential challenges.

 Good luck, radio Menq!!!

There will be specialized reportages addressing various issues for people with vision impairments. However, the scope of our reportages will be interesting to a broader audience striving for something new and learning.

The main goal of the young team of our internet radio is to present the interests of Armenian Union of Blind and then become a platform for people with various disabilities.